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A comprehensive solution for companies seeking accommodation for their staff

We specialise in linking companies with landlords who are committed to providing exceptional service in the medium term. Our goal is to make the process of finding suitable accommodation as seamless and stress-free as possible for all parties involved.


Are you considering renting out your property and wondering if it’s the right choice for you as a landlord?


Do you require comfortable and reliable accommodation for your company’s employees?

About Us

Accom Assist was set up to help home owners and businesses find each other. Many businesses throughout Ireland are struggling to find accommodation for their staff. This means that they are having difficulty fulfilling on their business commitments. At the same time property owners are also struggling to make a return on their investment on their properties. The founders at Accom Assist realised that by connecting home owners and asking them to provide serviced accommodation for staff, businesses can concentrate on what they do best and everybody wins!

Featured Properties

Featured Properties